Why Proofamatics?

Errors in letters, e-mails and other documents reflect badly on your organisation and
the people who work there. Errors discourage customers, suppliers and partners from
working with you.

At the least, errors damage your reputation. At worst, they could lose business.
And they are remembered . . .
What is Proofamatics?

Proofamatics is a unique one-day workshop for improving the productivity, efficiency
and accuracy of document-producing staff.
Proofamatics measurably reduces errors by 25% by:
   providing grammar, punctuation and spelling revision
   teaching a simple 3-phase system of proofreading
   showing how to break up text to avoid reading for comprehension
   incorporating exercises to increase eye-span whilst reducing eye fatigue.
Proofamatics can be run by our trainers, or we can train your trainers to run Proofamatics
sessions - with all the benefits of true in-house delivery.

An e-learning version of
Proofamatics is also available

- a lot more than just tips and hints

The Proofamatics guide
to some easily confused

Know your cencer from your censor
(or censure)? Sure about delusion,
illusion and allusion? Is your audience
disinterested or uninterested? Use our on-line guide to check on those easily confused words or click here to download our pdf version.
Proofamatics On-line
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Proofamatics e-publications
The Proofamatics guide to
grammar, punctuation,
spelling and capitalisation

This stand-alone reference guide
summarises all the rules needed
for error-free communication. Revise your
language skills with this on-line version